On the Road: Issue #10

Here’s another special episode of The Adventures of PanCan Man. This one features Stephen Roche, Son of PanCan Man, as we talk about a 2,700-mile road trip we took to drove to Mayo Clinic and back. Along the way we saw the sights — Niagara Falls, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Notre Dame University, and The Bean.

This show is in three parts…the revelation, the trip, and the Q&A.

Here are some photos from our time On the Road.

Freezing at Niagara Falls
Playing a little guitar at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
An unfiltered photo at the University of Notre Dame…I talk about this photo in the show
$40 for parking…and this terrific photo in Chicago at The Bean

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Just sent you an email to the one you say in the show! Haha, dumped my website a few years ago. Gotta leave that one blank.

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